Emergency Department Renovation:

The Plan to Make Emergency Care Second-to-None.

The Saint Mary’s Hospital Emergency Department sees more than 75,000 patients each year – in a facility that was designed to accommodate half the amount. With the continuing increase in patient volume and medical advances, Saint Mary’s needs to renovate the Emergency Department with the technology and expertise of the most advanced care facilities.


Imagine Our Experts with
More Room to Do Great Work.

Despite this current challenging space, the Emergency Department is led by a highly-skilled, multilingual team who provides round-the-clock care, and includes:

  • A Level II Trauma Center
  • The region’s only pediatric emergency unit
  • A cardiac care environment recognized by the American Heart Association for quality

Expanding the area in which these professionals can work also broadens the speed and effectiveness of care for you, your loved ones and this entire community.

This renovation will address core constraints, and help decrease wait times. It will also improve the environment for our geriatric population, and make adjustments to the pediatric space in order to better support children on the autism spectrum.

Peter Jacoby, M.D.

Emergency Medicine, Saint Mary’s Hospital

Together, the effect we can have on this entire area will be unprecedented. Will you join in?